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5 Tips for Customizing your Resume

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Taking You Where You Want To Go
by: Jessica Klein
one are the days of the bland, generic one-page
resume. Employers these days are more
impressed by a resume that is customized
and they tend to give jobs to interviewees that
have a bit of knowledge about the company.
By doing your research, you’re showing initiative, which impresses potential employers. It will also help you decide whether or not you would feel comfortable working for the company, and would fit in with others at the office and the overall atmosphere.
Researching the company can also help you ace the dreaded
job interview, since it will give you an idea of what you want to
communicate, and how you can incorporate that sentiment
into the company philosophy.
Overall, it will decrease stress levels because you’re already just a bit more prepared than the average applicant. So relax… and start your research!
Here are five tips to customizing your resume:
1- Visit the company’s website: read past the obvious introductory pieces. Pay special attention to the layout and design- they should give clues as to the type of company it is. If possible, familiarize yourself with the key players in the company.

2- Go beyond the company site: Google the company name, and read some of the recent news articles, annual reports or any other relevant information you can find.

3- Seek out the competitors: talk to anyone you know who works for one of the competitors to find out how your potential employer is viewed in their industry.
4- Inquire around the water cooler: ask your friends and co-workers what they know about the company.

5- Pick up the phone: call the company, and ask the receptionist their views on the company, including dress code, organization, leadership style, and overall office atmosphere. 
About The Author
Jessica Klein is a member of the 'Mount Real Research Team', whose aim is to seek out and distribute business information to the virtual public. She is a freelance writer based in Montreal, Canada who loves writing about anything from accounting to zebras.
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